Ways to Make Your Store Sign Stand Out

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Ways to Make Your Store Sign Stand Out

A catchy store sign can be a great way to let passerbys know about your store. If your store sign is eye-catching, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians who otherwise were not looking for your store may see it and decide to stop in. However, with so many store signs, it can be hard to make your store sign stand out. My name is Michael and I am a graphic designer. While I don't make store signs for my customers yet, I do love to help them come up with unique and creative images and lettering. And one day I hope to help store signs. If you are looking for a sign for your store, I hope some of the tips I give will help you learn how to make a store sign that will stand out.

Is Your Air Compressor Operating Efficiently?

Compressed air is commonly used because it is believed to be a free source of power. However, the energy necessary to produce compressed air can be high if the compressed air system is not implemented correctly. You must take several steps to make sure that your air compressor is operating as efficiently as possible.

Maintain Filters

Using and maintaining air compressor filters will make sure that your compressor is as efficient as possible. Otherwise, the dirt that could accumulate within the compressor could cause a pressure drop.

Size the Compressor Correctly

You will need to make sure that the compressed air system is sized correctly for the purpose that the system will serve. For example, if the air compressor is able to generate twice as much pressure as would ever be used, the air compressor is too big.

Correct Any Leaks

If your compressed air system has a leak, the lack of air will cause the system to lose power. Fortunately, the largest leaks will produce distinct sounds that will help you identify the presence of the leak. You should test your compressed air system once a year when you are the least likely to be using it. Even small leaks can lead to much higher expenses over the years.

Understand the Distribution System

To locate air leaks, you will need to understand the entire air distribution system so that you know potential locations where these leaks can occur. When inspecting the air distribution system you should also look for parts of the system that experience pressure loss. A pressure drop is often the result of condensation drains not working correctly.

Check the Pressure Loss

Pressure loss is a normal part of using air compressors, but it should be less than 10 percent of the total output. If the pressure loss is greater than this amount, your compressed air system is not functioning efficiently enough. The pressure loss can be compared to the discharge pressure by looking at the gauge on the pressure outlet.

Control How the Compressor Is Used

Make sure that you regulate the use of your air compression system so that it is not used in an unauthorized manner. Otherwise, you will be further wasting energy. Also, to determine the appropriate uses of air flow, it is important to look at specifications for the equipment that uses the compressed air to know whether the equipment will use too much airflow. Also, some pieces of equipment have artificial pressure demands, which are demands that are greater than what is necessary for the equipment to function properly. Fortunately, pressure regulators can help prevent artificial demand. Contact a professional like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. for more information.